Responsible Care® and the American Chemistry Council

Kuraray America, Inc. has chosen to implement Responsible Care® at all U.S.-located sites. Responsible Care® is a voluntary initiative within the global chemical industry to promote safe handling of products across the value chain: from the research laboratory, through production, distribution, use and disposal.

As a member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), Kuraray subscribes to the principles of Responsible Care®. The ACC created the Responsible Care Management System (RCMS), which requires third-party certification of our Health, Safety, Environmental and Security (HSES) management systems across all business activities. With continual improvement a fundamental goal, implementing RCMS provides a framework to take Kuraray above and beyond prior HSES accomplishments. ACC membership requires that a third-party certify 30% of U.S.-based sites, including our U.S.-located corporate headquarters to the RCMS or RC14001 (which incorporates ISO 14001) technical specification every three years.

Some countries where our facilities exist throughout the world, require third-party certifications, and we either have or will be meeting those requirements.

Health, Safety, Environmental & Security (HSE&S) and Quality Policy

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