PLANTIC™ barrier film has been designed to meet the growing world demand for a sustainable approach to functional and performance plastics technology, based on a high content of renewable materials that reduce carbon footprint and space in landfills.

Superior Barrier, Yet Made from Corn

Plantic’s primary feedstock is a natural starch made from corn which has been hybridized over a number generations. When starch is heated, the structure begins to change  and when cooling, typically recrystallizes making the product hard, similar to stale bread.  To prevent this from occurring in Plantic® products, the starch undergoes a chemical process which transforms the starch into a more pliable material, similar to a thermoplastic. This makes the material suitable for packaging.

Enviornmental Benefits of Plantic by Kuraray



  • Gas and aroma barrier film and packaging designs
  • The raw material source is renewable and sustainable
  • Ingredients are not genetically modified
  • Certified biobased and is biodegradable
  • It is suitable for food contact applications
  • It is inherently anti-static and oil resistant
  • It is sealable, printable and laser etchable

For more information, visit the Plantic™ website.

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