EXCEVAL™ is the brand name for Kuraray's hydrophobically modified polyvinyl alcohol especially designed for the requirements of “high water resistance.” Although EXCEVAL™ is readily water-soluble like any fully hydrolyzed KURARAY POVAL™ grade it absorbs less humidity in comparison to other KURARAY POVAL™ grades.

EXCEVAL™ is the polyvinyl alcohol of choice for water-resistant emulsions, for D3 adhesives and D4 adhesives. EXCEVAL™ produces coatings with excellent gas barriers towards oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide … even in high relative humidity. The resulting coatings are highly transparent and glossy, have a strong chemical resistance and provide good adhesion to metallization as well as excellent printability.

Barrier Films for Food Applications

EXCEVAL™ is an FDA certified product and can be used in paper coating formulas. It is the best candidate for non-fluoro chemical barrier agents in the next generation of grease-proof papers. KURARAY POVAL™ and EXCEVAL™ have outstanding film forming properties. With the ability to bond to cellulose materials, these polymers are excellent for improving the properties of paper packaging applications as a barrier against odor, grease and water.


  • Fine-grained, free-flowing white powder
  • Ash content ranges from 0.4 to 0.7
  • Strong film properties
  • Transparent and glossy
  • Strong compatibility with starch and cellulose
  • Resistance to organic chemicals
  • Strong metal adhesion
  • Improved water-resistance
  • Strong gas barrier at high humidity
  • Gas barrier versus oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and organic substances
  • Emulsion polymerization
  • Paper products
  • Adhesives
  • Barrier coatings of film, paper, and other substrates from an aqueous solution
  • Ceramic
  • Textile sizing and finishing
  • Photosensitive coatings
  • Pigmented paper coatings

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