Kuralon™ was the first synthetic fiber made in Japan, more than 60 years ago.

Successfully commercialized by Kuraray, Kuralon™ is a world-class niche product that has been continually refined and improved over time to meet new applications and changes in demand—eventually leading to the development of a second generation, Kuralon K-II™. Both Kuralon™ and Kuralon K-II™ are based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) resin. These cutting-edge materials are used in many fields, including construction, specialty papers, and rubber reinforcement.


  • High tenacity
  • Low elongation
  • High Young’s Modulus
  • Low creep
  • Low heat shrinkage in hot air
  • Good alkaline resistance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Chemical resistance
  • Affinity to rubber and resins
  • UV-stability
  • Hydrophilic
  • Variety of types available
  • Kuralon™
  • Kuralon K-II™ Water Soluble
  • Kuralon K-II™ Water Insoluble (High Tenacity)
  • Kuralon™:
    • Reinforcement of rubber (e.g., hoses and belts)
    • Specialty paper
    • Construction material reinforcement (e.g., cement and concrete)
    • Plastic reinforcement
    • Fiber for ropes, cords, and threads
  • Kuralon K-II™ Water Soluble:
    • Water-dissolving non-woven materials
    • Processing agent for spinning and weaving of wool and cashmere
    • Water-soluble yarn for separation of materials in sections
  • Kuralon K-II™ Water Insoluble:
    • Reinforcement of concrete and mortar
    • Reinforcement of plastics

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