Kuraray entered the field of dental materials in 1973. The mission of Kuraray is to respond precisely and thoroughly to the needs of the dental profession with reliable products of superior quality.

In 1978, Kuraray released the world’s first dentin bonding agent, CLEARFIL Bond System F, which marked the birth of adhesive dentistry. At the same time the total-etch technique on dentin and enamel was invented by Kuraray. Forty years later, Kuraray continues to bring forth innovative quality products to meet the demands of a continuously changing profession.

Kuraray Dental Compliance Information

CLEARFIL Bonding Agents

Kuraray CLEARFIL bonding agents are the ideal dental adhesives. Kuraray dental products include dual-cure, light and self-cure, chemical-cure, and light-cure bonding agents and systems.

Caries Disclosing Agents

Caries Detector is an excellent caries disclosing agent for conservative dentistry. It aids in the excavation of the outer decalcified and infected carious dentin layer, permitting optimal caries removal. It also helps minimize the removal of remineralizable, healthy dentine, protecting the vitality of the pulp and as a result conserving maximal amount of healthy tissue.


Kuraray cements are high-performance dental adhesives that provide flexibility in their application. Cements range from dual-cure composite systems to self-etching, self-adhesive, dual-cure fluoride-releasing resins.

CLEARFIL Composites

Kuraray composites offer unique applications for each patient. Kuraray CLEARFIL Majesty Esthetic offers intuitive shade matching, while CLEARFIL ST Opaquer provides a mask for patients to hide discolored teeth and metal darkness. Kuraray composites include universal light-cure, flowable, posterior, and opaque composites for variety and flexibility in applications.

CLEARFIL Core Build-Up

Kuraray CLEARFIL Core products are self-, dual-, and light-cured core build-up materials with unique shade and compressive strength. They are suitable for the construction of immediate and reliable core build-up. Kuraray CLEARFIL Core products include: CLEARFIL Photo Core, CLEARFIL DC Core Plus, and CLEARFIL Core.

Metal and Porcelain Primers and Etching Agents

Kuraray metal and porcelain primers increase the bond strength of composite and acrylic resins to metal, ceramic restoratives, porcelain, and other dental alloys. Kuraray primers simplify procedures and are very easy to use. K-ETCHANT GEL is an etching gel used for etching enamel, dentin, porcelain, and cured-composite for adhesive restorations.

CLEARFIL Repair and Glaze

CLEARFIL Repair Multi-Purpose is a light-cure bonding system for repairing fractured porcelain, all ceramics, or composite resin facing crowns and bridges. This system is also use for aesthetic repair intra-orally.

Pit and Fissure Sealant

TEETHMATE F-1 makes it fast and easy to provide your patients with a great defense against caries. TEETHMATE F-1 is light-cure pit and fissure sealant that contains a fluoride-releasing polymer plus the proven adhesive monomer MDP. TEETHMATE F-1 is unfilled; it penetrates deeper into pits and fissures for better long-term sealing and minimal occlusal wear.

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