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With nearly 30 years of experience in dentin and enamel adhesives, Kuraray is a global leader in dental adhesives and cements.

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Kuraray resins and specialty plastics play a key part in almost every facet of life. From food packaging to glass film, Kuraray plastics help make the world work better.

kuraray elastomers


Styrenic block copolymers are the building blocks of products we touch every day. With our flexibility in processing, Kuraray Elastomers are the top choice for consumers.


Kuraray has a wide range of specialty chemical products such as diols, alcohol solvents, cosmetic ingredients, as well as pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates. Kuraray produces C4, C5, and C8 derivatives by using a C4 fraction as the key raw material.


Kuraray provides a variety of high-performance fibers, ensuring that customer products can continue to develop beyond current technologies.

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