KURAFLEX™ are non-woven fabrics made by spunlace, chemically bonded, melt blown, and steam jet processes.

They are used in an extremely wide variety of applications, from household to industrial materials, and in the medical field.

KURAFLEX™ is the brand name for these unique non-woven fabrics and finished products made by Kuraray Kuraflex.


A variety of characteristics can be achieved by combining various raw materials and manufacturing processes.

  • Water absorbency
  • High filter efficiency
  • Elasticity
  • Heat resistance
  • Spunlace
  • Chemically bonded
  • Steam jet
  • Melt-blown
  • Cosmetic facial masks
  • Counter cloths (kitchen wipes)
  • Disposable masks
  • Elastic bandage, first-aid adhesive tape, surgical tape
  • Filter media (air filters, coffee filters)
  • Electromagnetic shielding material, reinforcement material for printed circuit boards

For more information, visit the KURAFLEX™ website.

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