KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER is a viscous rubber additive that is used in kneading and cross-linking rubber when shaping and processing.

KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER works as a reactive plasticizer and can replace the natural mineral oil present in rubber, reducing oozing and spoiling in the shaping and molding process.


  • Improves hardness
  • Low viscosity improves processability
  • Reduces mixing temperature
  • Strong tackiness and adhesive properties
  • Reduces processing temperature
  • Colorless, odorless, and transparent
  • Functionalized grades available
  • Dissolvable in acrylic monomer
  • Low glass transition temperature (Tg)
  • Rubber-like properties at low temperatures
  • Can be used at a higher viscosity than oil
  • Co-vulcanizable characteristics
  • Low molecular weight improves silica dispersion
  • Rubber products: tires, printer rollers, belts, hoses, and shoes
  • Adhesive products: solvent, hot-melt, cross-linking agent, latex, light-curing types
  • Automotive sealants
  • Construction sealants
  • Asphalt modifiers
  • Lubricant additives

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