January 16, 2024

HOUSTON – Officials with Kuraray America, Inc. (KAI) have confirmed the company activated its emergency response plan in preparation for severe weather. All Houston production sites have implemented procedures for winter weather protections. Should conditions change, critical backup materials and systems are in place for deployment to enable each site to continue operations.

“Our first priority is ensuring the safety of our employees and contractors in the Houston area,” said Takaharu Kawahara, President and CEO of KAI. “Our emergency management team will continue to monitor weather forecasts to make any necessary adjustments needed to ensure safety under these weather conditions.”

Following the winter storm in February 2021, the state of Texas improved the capacity of its power and natural gas grids, which benefits all of KAI’s Texas production sites. Additionally, capital improvement projects have been underway at KAI, including modifications that have increased our production sites’ capacity to withstand severe cold weather conditions. Company precautions and operating procedures for winter weather were updated in 2021 and again in 2022.

Kuraray America, Inc. is committed to continually improving its storm protection practices for supplying customer needs. In 2023, it became the first StormReady® petrochemical company in the nation. For more information and updates, please visit www.kuraray.us.com.

About Kuraray

Founded in 1926, Kuraray is a world leader in performance-based polymer and synthetic chemistry technologies, including resins, chemicals, fibers and textiles. The Japan-based company operates in 31 countries and regions around the world, including Kuraray America, Inc., which is headquartered in Houston, TX. For more information, visit www.kuraray.us.com.


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